Universal Selling Principles

Universal selling principles are common sense, time-tested laws. They are self-evident, inviolable truths, which underlie all selling activities.

Knowledge of the universal selling principles will give you an understanding of how people work and why they do the things they do. This is important, because once you understand people, you’ll understand selling.

Here are three primary characteristics, which apply to all the principles:

1. They are obvious

2. They are simple

3. They work.

I can guarantee you one thing: If you’re having trouble with your selling procedure or sales closing techniques, or your life, you are violating one or more of the principles.


This is not my opinion. It’s just an observation.

It is absolutely imperative that you know, understand and apply each of these principles if you intend to succeed in sales, or in life.

Because when your methods or tactics don’t line up with your principles you’re setting yourself up for trouble. People who should know better make this mistake every day.

Why do some continue to disobey these universal laws of selling?

Here’s the answer:

Nearly all difficulties in selling stem from an ignorance of the fundamental principles of selling, not from the methods being used.

Changing, willy-nilly, your method of selling is like trusting in luck to correct the problem. That doesn’t work. Only the essential, time-proven basic selling principles will right the ship and fill the sails with wind again.

Without these guiding principles as your rudder, inevitably you will find yourself (at best) adrift in sea of confusion; or afloat with the flotsam and jetsam remaining after a shipwreck at sea (at worst).

These are the axiomatic rudiments – indispensable to success in selling, and they provide the tools to build a stable, secure, foundation that can launch your progress into the big leagues.

They can withstand the confusions and difficulties that go with and day-to-day selling activities because they are based on common sense basics available to everyone – and not some newest and latest sales fad that changes faster than you can say “spit.”

Stability, predictability and prosperity result from knowing and practicing the natural laws of selling.

It is imperative that you know, understand and apply each of these principles if you intend to succeed in sales, or in life. Following are ten examples of universal selling principles.

Ten Key Universal Selling Principles:

1. You’re not in the sales business; you’re in the people business.

2. Selling is not about you; it’s about the customer. Always!

3. Selling is a process of adding value to another persons’ life.

4. The most effective way to get people to trust you is to trust yourself.

5. Selling is a process of building agreement and enhancing understanding.

6. Forcing or bullying a prospect will always generate resistance.

7. Getting someone interested in you, starts with being sincerely interested in them.

8. Before a prospect turns into a customer they must see a personal benefit for themselves.

9. The stock in trade of the master salesperson is helpfulness and solutions.

10. All things being equal, people always prefer to do business with their friends.

There are relatively few universal selling principles that you need to understand and practice compared to the number of methods of applying them. And even fewer still are truly critical to your success.

In fact, just practicing the ten examples above until they become second nature will improve your sales closing ratios dramatically. Practice them 1,000 times more, and you can change your life!

There is nothing like seeing them work to turn you into a true believer.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2030, all rights reserved


One Response to “Universal Selling Principles”

  1. I am really getting a lot out of your writing. You have opened my eyes to what is going on behind the scenes in every sales process. You dig into the real reasons people but, and the reasons they don’t. Lots of good info in your writing. Thank you and keep them coming, I’m looking forward to your book.- Jed

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