What Do You Expect?

The difference between upscale planning and downscale wishful thinking is that some people simply expect to win.

This expectation permeates their thoughts, their emotions and their body, to prepare them to do whatever is necessary to win. They see themselves having already attained the desired result.

They don’t engage in needless worry about it, or sabotage their project by injecting self-doubt of their own abilities before they have even begun. Importantly, they recognize when others infect and negate the project with their own limitations on what can be done, and take effective steps to handle this.

Question: Why is it that the easiest time to make a sale is right after you have completed a successful sale?

Answer: Because your winning attitude at that instant radiates infectious confidence, certainty and inner pride at having demonstrated your competence.

This is how the winners think all the time. They really do expect to win (and include others in their success). Their complete attention is on the accomplishment of the stated goal or target to a successful result.

Their level of expectancy is that things are going to work out as they intended, and they are willing to back it up with whatever effort (back-bone) is necessary to make it happen.

Their focus is on the product not the process.

Expectations are a consequence of three factors:

a) What your attention is focused on,

b) Your thoughts,

c) Your emotions.

All three of these elements must be in agreement with each other to produce the greatest results. Any misalignment will reduce the effectiveness. In this way, what you expect and believe to be true is attracted to you.

Expecting to win can shift the way you see yourself and how others perceive you. It can change your attitude, your body posture, and your view of life. Why not expect to win, what have you got to lose?

daniel w. jacobs
© 2002 – 2020, all rights reserved


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