What You Should Be Selling

Every master salesperson knows that they’re not just selling products or services.

They also know that they have to give people something that touches them, not just something they can touch.

Is it really just this simple?

Yes, it is when you’re operating at the top of the game. But there is no reason that you can’t start using it right now, no matter where you are on the path to becoming a master in salesmanship.

The art of selling
This path to master the art and craft of selling starts and ends with how you make them feel.

Customer decisions are often based on very small details in the experience in buying. These include countless invisible marketing messages: the way someone answers the phone, how they feel upon entering the establishment, how they are greeted, their impressions in the personal interface with the salesperson, how their questions are answered and many more visible and invisible factors.

Each of these elements either contributes to, or negates the buying decisions of the customer.

You must be very clear about what you’re selling before you make the first phone call or meet the customer in person.

You’re always selling a feeling – you’re selling an experience, something that moves them and whether it touches them personally.

The senses
The senses are methods by which people become aware of things. The first time you touch a hot stove – you feel pain. You are now more aware than just a second before it happened. People eventually learn to desire pleasure and avoid painful experiences. Mostly they want more pleasure and less pain.

And what people feel is an even deeper and far more powerful sensation. How you make them feel is something they never forget.

How does this affect you as a salesperson? Simple. The title of a hit song by “Simon and Garfunkel” answers this question perfectly: “Keep The Customer Satisfied.”

Help them get want they want. They want a pleasurable dining experience not a rude hostess and careless waiter. They desire a new car that makes them feel successful and important, not something they are ashamed of and have to hide.

It’s human nature: People want what gives them pleasure and avoid what is painful. Focus on selling something they can feel, not just something they can physically touch, and you’ll sales will soar.  I guarantee you.

So, what are you selling? You’re selling the dream.

People buy the hope of a better life, of attaining a personal goal that has been burning inside for a lifetime. This is why people buy. They buy to achieve their own purposes.

What you’re selling is something that will let them experience what it feels like to see their goals as attainable and coming into being. You’re letting them see how they can have what they want.

This is what people want to buy – and exactly what you should be selling.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010-2020, all rights reserved


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