What You Think, You Become

Selling is a tough business. Land mines and pitfalls line the narrow path and barrier the way to success. One misstep can often lead to disaster in the business world today.

So, how do you survive in this somewhat dangerous environment? A look back in history reveals a workable answer that can put you in the drivers seat.

2500 years ago Gautama Siddhartha said, “What you think, you become.

His words are as relevant today as they were when uttered, perhaps even more. They have echoed down the centuries, creating a positive influence in everyone who heard and applied them.

With just five words Siddhartha outlined a way of living that puts you in control of your life. Why? Because your thoughts really do have an effect on your life. You really can influence your own destiny and create your own future. It all starts with what you’re thinking about today.

Whatever opinions and beliefs you may hold on the philosophical efficacy of this concept, the facts are undeniable: Thoughts influence emotions – and emotions stimulate actions.

Thinking about what you want to achieve, dreaming about possibilities, imagining a way of life the way you’d like it to be and feeling yourself living it can bring about some amazing changes. Some even believe that doing so actually has an impact on the way molecules in this world arrange themselves.

Whether or not you agree, it can’t hurt to wake up every morning thinking about your aspirations and believing you can make them happen. No matter what your dreams are, seeing yourself as having accomplished your goal is a powerful technique, based upon an even more powerful principle.

This basic law of life is that you tend to create what you keep your attention on.

 You create your our own life and it all starts with your thoughts. A desirable future will be there if you create it today. It all starts with intentionally directing your thoughts and emotions toward what you desire.

Even Henry Ford agrees when he said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re usually right.”

And as a salesman or woman, the way you feel about yourself has an enormous influence on how others feel about you. Why not start off the day with your thoughts aligned with what you really want?

It costs you nothing and the rewards are as much as you can imagine.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2011- 2030, all rights reserved


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