Who’s Really Running The Show?

In just fifteen words, 19th century novelist, George Elliot, says all that needs to be said about this subject:

It is never to late to be the person you were always meant to be.”

Read this quote again, and carefully. Digest it word for word, because it applies directly to you as a salesperson.

Known by her pen name, George Eliot, she was born Mary Anne (Mary Ann, Marian) Evans in 1819. She when on to become an acclaimed English novelist, one of the leading writers of the Victorian Era.

Her novels are recognized for their realism and psychological insight and the quote above is no exception.

And now – inspired by her writing – some personal thoughts that may find universal applicability:

I am not comfortable in my own skin when I pretend to be a victim, a slave or to be weaker than I know I am.

I know that I’m running the show and that I’m responsible for whatever situation I find myself.

I have a high certainty that the decision, “not to be” is not an option.

There is only one workable decision, that is: to bebecause being robotically or hypnotically motivated only by someone elses dictates, desires, or demands on my time and attention equates to no life at all.

The “re-cognition” is; I want to be . . . and I want to be me. It’s who I really am anyway, so it’s as simple as it is powerful. And I believe it’s the same for you.

The only way you can know what you really want, or do what you want, is to be who you really are.

It is impossible to achieve what you really want while living someone else’s dreams. You must be who you are meant to be . . . and who you really are.  Only then will you get what you want to have.

By the way, an important side-note: good luck cannot find you if you’re not being yourself.

Once you make the decision to be unfettered by limitations of pretended powerlessness; free of self-generated considerations of self-abnegation and self-denial; stripped of the limitations of pretentious social veneer – all that remains is what is really important . . . who you really are.

As a salesperson, as long as you are being yourself no artificial façades, actively involved in life, following your goals, making your own decisions and choices, running your life according to your own dictates and desires – you have a chance to make it what you’ve always wanted.

Unimaginable riches of insight and awareness, of friendships and relationships; a wealth of expansion, wisdom and prosperity are waiting for you once you wake up and remember you are the one running the show in your life.

Decide to take the reins now; get back in the drivers seat and drive.

It’s really never too late to be who you were always meant to be.

And, by the way . . . this is exactly who your customers always wanted you to be anyway!

daniel w. jacobs
© 2008 – 2030, all rights reserved


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