You Project What You Expect

What are you projecting to the prospect? Positive anticipation or anxious apprehension?

Did you know that whatever you unconsciously expect to happen would have an enormous effect on the success or failure of your presentation? Why?

Because, what you’re expecting – you’re projecting.

When you approach a meeting or presentation with nervous anxiety, you’re sending out invisible signals for the prospect to be on their guard.

For example, even making an important phone call while harboring a fear of failure can cut your success ratio in half, because your prospect will tend to feel how you are feeling.

On the other hand, your attitude of confident, positive anticipation will change your tone of voice, your body language and the atmosphere around you, and project a feeling of positive anticipation. Negativity will vanish in an instant.

No matter what you’re thinking or feeling, it will influence prospective customers, even when they aren’t aware of it.

For example:

They tend to doubt themselves – when you are harboring self-doubt of yourself.

They don’t trust themselves – when you lack trust in yourself.

They are uncertain – when you are uncertain.

Conversely, if you sincerely feel confident and demonstrate your competence with a friendly, effortless ease, it shows. And it can work miracles toward projecting the same to the client or customer.

For example:

They will feel confident if you are.

They will trust their decision when you are worthy of trust.

They will make a clear decision when you are decisive in yourself.

A wish-washy, uncertain, maybe attitude can leave your prospects feeling the exact same way. And, importantly, uncertain prospects don’t buy anything because they simply can’t make up their minds.

It’s an important part of your sales tool-kit, one that is too often overlooked.

Are you anticipating a positive outcome or are your thoughts consumed with negative apprehensive and anxiety that things won’t go your way?  How you answer that question dictate what you are unconsciously projecting to your prospects, for better or for worse.

Make sure what you’re expecting is what you want, because that is what is most likely to happen!

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2010 – 2020, all rights reserved


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