Chronic Power

Imagine yourself being able to do anything you want; being completely unrestricted and free, able to create action in any area you decide to go into, with effortless competence able to envision something and then make it appear.

If you can comprehend this state, you have a hint of what it is like to be in a state of chronic power.

Some people are naturally in such a state. When they go into an area, things magically start to go right.

Confusion, tension and stress tend to diminish and everyone in the area seems to be able to do get more done in less time and effort.

Salespeople with who possess chronic power inspire others with their conviction of purpose and confidence of character.

Their enthusiasm and ability to see past the obstacles and envision a desirable goal for all concerned is infectious.

And, importantly, in matters of style, they may be flexible, but in matters of principle, they are immoveable.

Often, in trying to emulate this condition, others take on only the visible, surface characteristics and mannerisms of this unique individual. Unfortunately they often fail to achieve the same success, not realizing that any commanding power comes from within, not outside of you.

It stems from a source that is invisible to the naked eye. It is not measurable by any known scale or device nor is it is not limited by any place in time or space. We could theorize that it derives from more experience, greater ability or advanced knowledge of an area, but this is only partially true.

The truth is, power does have a source. It stems from within the individual, no matter what name or label is assigned. All great positive changes in history are made by an individual with a dream of bettering some condition along with the courage to do something about it. They see how things should or could be and then make it so.

Any group has to have a leader – ideally someone who has characteristics of chronic power, for he or she is the one who dreams the dream that creates the game. Others can willingly contribute and add their own talents and ideas, but it remains that someone had and energy necessary to create it in the first place.

Sometimes, the size of the game is directly proportional to how much game there is in the man (or woman).

Some people simply don’t know there is a game afoot. Others know, yet do nothing. Even fewer still know what to do, and get into action to accomplish it.

In the game of business, often the person behind the overall statistic of the company is an individual of enormous personal power. This individual is the bedrock upon which any great company is started and run. Happily, such people seem to have an insatiable appetite for expansion and success that knows no limit, and inevitably some of it will rub off onto you.

So how do you get some of this power for yourself?

First of all, you must realize this: Truth is power and power is truth.

And it all begins with something you can do something about: Be honest with yourself.

The more truthful you are, the more confident you become; the more you can trust yourself, the more your personal power grows.

Honesty and candor is in such scarce supply these days that you’re sure to get their attention and stand out from the crowd if you become known as being honest and truthful.

This goes together with all sales. Because the first law of selling is: Get a customer to like you and trust you.

The more honest you are with yourself, the more truthful you are, and the more they will trust and like you.

Just remember this: If you don’t trust yourself, they won’t either.

Chronic power is closer than you think once you start to live with the truth.

It’s easier than you think and definitely worth working for, believe me.

daniel w. jacobs
©2009-2030, all rights reserved


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